How to Buy a Ping Pong Ball Set

How to Buy a Ping Pong Ball Set

Aside from their color differences, ping pong balls vary in so many ways. For instance, ping pong balls used for training will not be suitable for a table tennis tournament. Unfortunately, most beginners believe that all ping pong balls are the same.

To buy the best ping pong ball set, there are certain features you need to look out for. Do you know the difference between the white and orange-colored ping pong balls? What’s more, you will learn about the most popular ping pong ball brands in the industry too. 

Meaning of Stars on the Ping Pong Balls

If you have noticed, you would discover that ping pongs often have star ratings written on the ball. Furthermore, three-star rated ping pong balls are of the highest quality in the market. Three-star rated ping pong balls are used at tournaments.

Also, if the star rating is below three, then it means that the ball has a lower quality. Therefore, ping pong balls rated below three are cheaper and used for training more.

Ping Pong Color Variance

The color of the ping pong ball seems like a minute feature but it is an important aspect of the sport. For instance, the color of the ping pong used at tournaments differs from what is used at tournaments. Below are the most popular colors of ping pong balls:

  • Orange Ball: Most times, orange ping pong balls are used for training or indoor games. They are rarely used at tournaments.
  • White Balls: The white ping pong balls are used more at international table tennis competitions. More so, white balls are more visible, and it allows judges to keep track of the ball.
  • Yellow Balls: Also, yellow ping pong balls are often used at tournaments too but not as much as white balls. 

Picking the Best Ping Pong Ball in the Market

Apart from the ping pong star rating, their other features you need to look out for: 

  • Firmness: Exert some pressure on the ball and see if it will cave in easily. If it does, it is not a quality ball.
  • Bounce: You throw it gently on the floor and see if it bounces back. If the ball doesn’t bounce up to more than three-quarters of the height of the first bounce, then opt for another ball. 
  • Sphere shape: Find out if the ping pong ball is a sphere in shape. Celluloid ping pong balls should be at least 0.35mm while non-celluloid balls should not be more than 0.25mm.
  • No Veering: When you throw the ball, take a close look and see if it will veer off in another direction. Also, you can test this by throwing the ball slightly down a straight line. If it veers off without any obstruction, then it may not be good.

But that’s not all, the brand of the ping pong should be considered too. Ping pong brands will be discussed here too.

Popular Ping Pong Brands in the Market

To ensure you get the best ping pong ball on the market, then pick from any of the popular ping pong brands listed below:

  • Butterfly: The Butterfly ping pong ball is a popular brand. Their balls are durable and hard. Butterfly’s A40 plus the ball is approved by ITTF and can be used at ping pong tournaments. 
  • STIGA: The STIGA brand is known to produce ping pong tables and paddles. However, their ping pong balls are also affordable, durable, and used at most international tournaments.
  • XuShaoFa: The XuShaoFa ping pong ball is another famous brand. More so, their ping pong balls are of high quality too. 
  • JOOLA: If you are looking for a tournament ping pong ball, you can opt for a JOOLA Rossi 3-star ball. It is affordable and durable. 

Comparison between Plastic and Celluloid Ping Pong Balls 

In the past, celluloid balls were commonly used at ping pong tournaments. But since the introduction of plastic balls, celluloid balls are no longer so popular. Celluloid ping pong balls are made of nitrocellulose and camphor.

However, plastic ping pongs became more popular because they produce a better bounce, they don’t spin too much, and they seem harder than celluloid balls. 

Nonetheless, plastic balls have various categories too. The star rating on the ball would let you know the category the ball falls under. 

Wrapping Up

No doubt, with various ping pong balls in the market, your best bet is to choose from any of the top brands we have outlined here. Finally, ensure your ping pong ball meets the features listed in this article.    

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